I am Hélio Correia, a software engineer passionate about solving problems and finding creative solutions to technical challenges. I currently live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and work at Grupo Globo — the largest mass media group in Latin America.

About me

As a Staff Software Engineer at I have been working on large media projects supporting more than a dozen feature films per day in several of Globo’s digital platforms. Some of the projects I’ve been working includes: Gshow, Big Brother Brasil, various realities and TV shows websites, news feeds and publishing platforms, native mobile apps, ads integration, and search engine optimization.

I am a very pragmatic and down-to-earth professional that cares much more about user-centric approaches and business needs than trending techies. I believe in digital and physical integrations and I heavily rely on continuous integration, fail-fast systems, test driven development, realign over redesign, and serendipity to move the web forward.

I read a lot of (physical) books and I have a tendency of drinking more coffee than I probably need. Most importantly, I am the father of João Pedro and I support the best soccer team in the world: Corinthians.

My Skills

I strongly believe each problem requires a different toolkit and that’s why I am versed in a variety of technologies and I am always open to grow and learn.

I also believe in products over projects due to the opportunity to reorient quickly, operate under a reduced cycle time while keeping a strong focus on customers.

These are some paradigms and tools I've been using recently:

Industry Knowledge

Tools & Technologies

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The content and opinions here are my own and do not represent my employer’s view in any way.

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